Sanbot robots held traffic safety knowledge competition

13 Jul,2017
Brand Event

"Hello, Sir! Where is the portable fire extinguisher? A, Under the couch; B, At door A; C, At window B?" On Jun 24th, at the Chegongmiao Metro Station in Shenzhen city, Sanbot humanoid robot performed one competition about safety knowledge in the metro station, amazing massive passengers at the scene.

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It was the opening ceremony of Shenzhen Rail Transit Promotional Season and fifth anniversary celebration on Jun 24th. Since that day, the 3-month activity has begun promoting knowledge of civil bus ride, which enhances passengers’ concept of safe ride and creates the atmosphere of safe courtesy and civil travel. Shenzhen Rail Transit Office, the Traffic Branch of Public Security Bureau and Shenzhen Metro Group Corporation participated in the opening ceremony. QIHAN Sanbot was invited grandly as the host of safety knowledge competition and Sanbot robot is the first mobile service robot which worked in the metro station.

At the opening ceremony activity, the fascinating competition of metro safety knowledge became the greatest highlight.

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Gifts for competition winners

“Hello, the manual fire alarms are set both in the hall and platform of metro station; which way can you use to inform metro staff once the fire happens? A, Touch manual alarm; B, Press the manual alarm. ” Sanbot intelligent robot inquired. What was interesting was that Sanbot would say “Congratulations, your answer is right and you can have a gift now!” when the robot recognized the right answer. The hi-level human-robot interactive experience attracted hundreds of people to have a look or participate in.

“It is very interesting and attractive that the advanced intelligent robot hosts safety promotional activity,” Mr. Wang, one passenger told the working staff, “the effect must be better than that of human staff as human is too common to stop the passers-by. Now organizer uses a robot to publicize safety knowledge, which is impressive and people can remember the knowledge easily. I like that.”

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On that day, Sanbot also offered services at the entrance of business coach of metro line 11. The robot reminded each passenger to swipe card at the coach door and broadcast announcements. The working staff told the media, “Intelligent service robot can reduce staff’s workload. During the riding rush hours, the workloads are very heavy and we cannot pay attention to each passenger. With the robot, we are released from the monotonous work and can operate more complex work.”

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QIHAN Technology, the manufacturer of the intelligent robot, told the metro manager that Sanbot robot integrated information broadcast, voice interaction, independent walking, automatic obstacle avoidance and security surveillance functions etc. According to the scenarios, Sanbot could offer safety knowledge promotional services, such as notices at entrance, escalator riding, and notices in coach, etc. In this way, passengers would absorb the safety knowledge unconsciously.

With the AI technology going mature and robotic applications becoming popular, the functions of Sanbot will be optimized continuously. To combine the artificial intelligence and transit service together is helpful to change metro stations from traditional human services to more intelligent and informationalized services.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved