Hoteliers fond of Sanbot robot for hospitality business at HITEC

07 Jul,2017
Brand Event

HITEC Toronto 2017, a three-day hospitality event, kicked off on Jun 26th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada. HITEC (or Hospitality Industry Technology) is part of HFTP and normally held in North America, Europe, and Asia. The HITEC this year attracted over 500 exhibitors in hospitality and relevant industries. Sanbot service robot was loved by international professional hoteliers and onlookers at the scene.

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Sanbot, manufactured by QIHAN Technology, is a Cloud enabled open API intelligent robot with world-class hardware and software from Sony, Sharp, IBM Watson and more. The intelligent humanoid service robot is one three-in-one ecosystem integrating Hardware, Mobile App and Cloud service. And the open API enables developers to accessibly develop and install applications according to the scenarios wherever users would like the robot to work.

It was the first time Sanbot debut in Canada, and also the first time at such a professional hospitality event. At the booth, professional hoteliers and onlookers were surprised when heard of the basic introduction of the hotel service robot from Mr. Spencer Block. Spencer, the marketing manager of QIHAN Technology, is the planner and charger of Sanbot in HITEC event.

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Professional hoteliers are talking about Sanbot robot

As well as the basic introduction, Spencer controlled Sanbot robot via voice command, touch screen and mobile App Q-Link, which attracted massive visitors to have interactions with the robot. He demonstrated Sanbot Store solution to the public, Sanbot Store help retail and hospitality business with product introduction, customer reception, promotional activity and entertainment and event big data record, improving their customer stickiness and business benefits effectively.

The wave Sanbot created at the event even brought the world well-known media, IT World Canada. Brian from the media held an interview with Spencer and Sanbot. “Sanbot robot can do more for home and businesses, such as preschool and school education, health care for the elderly and kids in family and also hospital, retail promotion and transaction, and the most important is hotel service. Sanbot has more potential abilities to be developed, you’ll meet very soon”, Spencer told to IT World Canada when was asked what Sanbot could do.

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Brian from IT World Canada and Sanbot robot

When talking about the prices, Spencer illustrated that QIHAN Technology had been recruiting agents, robotic software developers and professional integrators, and the prices are different, up to the requests, order quantities or customized services.

Prior to HITEC, Sanbot robot had been a new face in the hospitality market to many hoteliers. Sanbot left unforgettable impression in the North American hospitality industry. Hoteliers thought Sanbot could help them with their hotel staff training and businesses promotion. Sanbot even received the attention from the international hi-tech giant – Sumsung and some other industry professionals also considered Sanbot as one good solutions provider in remote conference, communication and the potential network solution, etc.

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The exhibition was not the only event in Toronto Sanbot attended. Sanbot went to a robotics summer class at The University of Toronto to help students learn about automation, AI, and android platforms, all of which are part of Sanbot’s advanced technology. Students got to try out some of Sanbot’s demos and had great learning experience.

From exhibition halls to classrooms, Sanbot had a wonderful first trip to Toronto and hopes to return soon.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved