QIHAN Sanbot released customized shopping robot for retail

03 Jul,2017
Brand Event

With the popularization of new technologies, AI service in retail industry has become a reality. On the previous day of Summer Davos, the event of “Breaking Retail Pain-points, Constructing Intelligent New Retail – The 25th retail CEO Summit Forum for Chinese Business” in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City. The President and Exc-president of Guangdong Chain Management Association and hundreds of CXO of Chinese chain retail enterprises, attended the activity. Sanbot customized intelligent shopping robot was released grandly at the event.

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Artificial intelligence fuses to traditional retail.

Sanbot intelligent shopping robot, researched and developed by QIHAN Technology and Huayang, was released openly at the event formally. This customized intelligent Sanbot robot aims to increasing consumer foot traffics, intelligent marketing, cashier and all-sided shop management.

Huayang Xintong, founded in 2005, devotes itself to offline retail shops services including mobile interconnection and commercial big data operation services. Till now, Huayang has been offering services for more than 1,500 new commercial offline store brands such as Watsons, Adidas, BreadTalk, etc.

Sanbot shopping robot drives traditional retail to intelligent shopping experience.

“The intelligent shopping robot is the world’s first intelligent humanoid robot which is able to offer special services in key business links. Compared to the “competitors” offering limited services such as customer reception and promotion information broadcasting, this customized robot is capable of more powerful and more suitable advantages at retail scenarios.” Wang Yubing, the manager of QIHAN Technology, introduced the highlights of the customized robot briefly at the scene.

When consumers stepped into your retail shop, Sanbot will send special greetings and introduce them of newly-added products and lead them to get the electronic coupons. Once they want to buy your products, the robot will become an intelligent cashier assistant and receipt the payment via its QR code on screen. During the payment, Sanbot can introduce membership superiority of your shop and attract them to buy in your shop more frequently.

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With the advantages of voice command interaction, independent walking, auto obstacle avoidance, machine visual, the robot is capacity of six working modes, including remote shop-keeping, product introduction, sales promotion, customer reception, sales exhibition and interactive entertainment. Furthermore, the steam-up added more advanced functions such as cashier assistance, membership processing, electronic coupons dispensing and write-offs, etc.

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After the launch event, numerous CXO of retail chain enterprises experienced the shopping robot, such as customer reception, marketing promotion, cashiering, membership management and more services.

Technical commercialization energizes business partner.

The COO of Huayang Liu Yu told the media, “to cooperate with QIHAN Technology and implant our new retail solution to creates one super retailing mode, making the solution more interactive and interesting.”

“The ideal retail scenario is there are two robots in the retail shop. One walks to dispense electronic coupons around the door, as well as singing, dancing, interacting to attract more consumers; while the other one can transfer general customers to shop’s members at the cashier desk, effectively improving the membership processing possibility”, Liu introduced the ideal solution to media. The customized retail service robot released by QIHAN and Huayang integrates the superior “gene” of both and it will help to increase foot traffics, improve stickiness and cut off labor cost.

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QIHAN Technology highly affirmed the cooperative achievement. Ryan Wu, the Vice President of QIHAN Technology, indicated that, “Huayang is the largest ‘New Retail’ solution provider in China, and has accumulated massive customers and experiences. It is more practical and more suitable for scenario application and retail staff’s habits to introduce the technical advantages from Huayang to make Sanbot offer super services for traditional retail stores. This is another big step QIHAN Technology practice the strategy of ‘Robot + Various Industries’”.

Ryan disclosed more at the event: QIHAN would go on serious of cooperation with hi-tech robotic solution developers from home and abroad and we’ll dig up further robotic applications and the platform of “Software as a Service” to create healthy developing ecosystem and make various industries enjoy the benefits from high technology.

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