Sanbot lightens up the launch event of Audi A4L car

30 Nov,2016
Brand Event

On Nov 12th, 2016, the famous automobile brand Audi held its 2016 brand summit and the launch event of its A4L new model car. The event is called the “most shining” new car launch event, and the biggest draw is the Sanbot robots’ participation to assist the new Audi car’s debut.

Days before the launch event, Audi had stressed that it would hold a spectacular car launch event with “Intelligence + High-tech”. As it stressed, Audi carried the most popular artificial intelligence, Sanbot intelligent service robot to cheer for the event. As the first model platform robot, Sanbot’s inherent sense of science and technology and Audi’s brand image complemented each other.

At the beginning, a row of the advanced ai robots brought their specially-programmed opening dancing performance. Sanbot robots’ dancing performance is of strong rhythm, quick motion, and they moved freely, accentuating the atmosphere of advanced technology, deepening the guests’ impression, attracts audiences’ halt and strength the favorable impression.

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Sanbot humanoid robots and “spaceman” dancing for cheer-up

After the dance, Sanbot humanoid robot and the Audi product manager hosted the launch event together. The man-machine interactive parts sufficiently showed the artificial intelligent robots functions, including intelligent voice, big data, man-machine interaction and many other special properties.

sanbot rohot host, reception robot, promotional robot

Sanbot humanoid robot’s live Q&A with host

Not only played the roles of guest performer, host and receptionist assistant, Sanbot also took part in the most important part of the launch event, unveiling of the new-released car. There more, by the way of customizing the system’s background, the live customers can realize the product functions of the Audi cars with Sanbot’s help. The novel interpreting model provided customers with unique feeling & experience.

By virtue of the model of complementing each other with advantages and association between strong enterprises, this kone cooperation between Sanbot service robot and Audi new car’s launch event not only realized the sharing and win-win of both two brands’ technology, but indicated the brand-new attempt of futural artificial intelligence + automobile industry.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved