Sanbot humanoid robot is highlighted at the 18th China Hi-tech Fair in Shenzhen

18 Nov,2016
Brand Event

China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), the No.1 technology event of China opened in Shenzhen since Nov 11th and lasted 6 days. It attracted 43 exhibition groups from 31 countries and international organizations exhibiting at the fair. Sanbot Cloud-brained humanoid robot was highlighted and got the government officials’ interview one more time.

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With theme of “Innovation-Driven & Technology-Oriented”, the fair showed thousands of the hottest and latest technological innovations. Undoubtedly, Sanbot cloud-brained platform robot was the biggest draw at the fair with the combination of innovative intelligent hardware and Internet of Things technology.

Sanbot robot integrates the functions of Man-Machine Interaction, Facial Recognition, Smart Home Management, Self-learning Evolution, Auto Self-Recharging into the intelligent hardware. With “Hardware + APP + Cloud-computing” three-in-one ecosystem, the intelligent humanoid robot can be applied to smart home, intelligent office, security monitoring and many other intelligent areas.

At the fair, Sanbot humanoid robot was not only surrounded by the visitors of different industries, it also attracted the cameras’ focus of domestic first-rated media. What’s more, it got the interview and interaction from government officials.

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Media cameras interviewing Sanbot team and robot

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Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Longhua District interviewing Sanbot

And the staff from Economic Services Bureau also came with the leaders to interact with Sanbot humanoid robot. And they took a group photo together with Qihan staff and the robots, leaving them good memory.

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Staff of Economic Services Bureau group photo together with Qihan staff and the robots

Except for the huge influence Sanbot robotics has in Chinese domestic markets, Sanbot has also left deep impressions at oversea. Sanbot’s debut at IFA fair in Berlin, the cooperation exhibition at Gitex fair with Alibaba in Dubai, Sanbot’s showing-off in Watson Developer Conference with IBM in the San Francisco, etc., all received high praise and interview by international notable media.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved