Sanbot platform humanoid robot cheers for InnoCarnival 2016 in HongKong

02 Nov,2016
Brand Event

InnoCarnival 2016, organized by the Innovation & Technology Commission, and focusing on the development of high-end manufacturing related to artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things, kicked off on Oct 29th, 2016 in Hong Kong and will run until Nov 6th.

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This year's InnoCarnival carried the theme of "Smart Living - Innovative Hong Kong". About 70 program partners including local universities, R&D centers, professional bodies, government departments, technology start-ups and youth education organizations showcase their innovations and research achievements, including robotics, green technology and technological innovations.

QIHAN team took Sanbot to cheer for InnoCarnival and its Robocup Junior activity. Sanbot is the perfect blend of human and machine. An ergonomic design fitted with the latest technology. Sanbot's design features a matrix design with 360-degree Wrap-Around technology, utilizing over 60 sensors to give Sanbot perfect awareness of its surroundings.

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Sanbot’s open-API platform can be customized by business developers for multiple functions applied to retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, security monitoring and other service sectors. There more, the plucky little robot has flipper arms, triple wheels for feet and a body chock full of various sensors, attracting visitors of different professions and ages.

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During the show, we also received one company manufacturing pets’ electronic tracking products, which had high interests and talked about the details with our staff. “Sanbot is also with excellent performance for pets industry. When hosts are not at home, Sanbot can also safely monitor the conditions of pets and transfer the video to host because of its self-walking and HD 3D surveillance function.” our staff told the company.

As one light spot in this show, Sanbot was also invited to the other 2 schools booths to add beauty for their booths. And our staff introduced the intelligent education function for them in details. No matter for kids’ education at home or students’ remote education in school, Sanbot open API humanoid robot is your good choice for education.

Sanbot humanoid will be here until the end of this InnoCarnival due to its nice performance. If you are in or near Hongkong, we are here to expecting your interaction and joining-in. If you are not available, please feel free to visit our company and contact us:

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