Sanbot humanoid robot takes the lead at World Robot Conference 2016 in Beijing

24 Oct,2016
Brand Event

The 2nd session of the World Robot Conference was held during Oct 21st~25th, 2016 in Bejing, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Association for Science and Technology and Beijing Municipal People’s Government. More than 20 Chinese noble media and 40 international-certified outstanding Attendees came to this conference.

“Chinese government pays high attention to the robotics technology innovation and industry development. We hope to capture the chance of the further fusion of industrialization and informatization together with other countries, and quicken up the intelligence industry represented by robot, to establish the intelligent society of Co-Creation, Sharing, Win-win”, said Liu Yandong, the Chinese vice premier in the opening ceremony.

CPPCC Chairman & Politburo Standing Committee Jia Qinglin visiting Sanbot Booth before the opening ceremony

Thirteen robot industry associations from countries such as the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Russia are attending the event. There will be six robot competitions in such areas as football, water activities, and drones, drawing some 500 teams from more than 10 countries. There are dancing robots, and droids that can speak and even do stand-up comedy. Once more, Qihan-cloud platform humanoid robot Sanbot S1 takes the lead and got the high attention from Chinese government official at the high-tech conference.

The human like robot have the functions including voice interaction, facial recognition, home appliance control, forever on-line service, domestic entertainment, experienced teaching, 24-hour family -safeguard, remote communication by screen, etc, and the open API platform allows developers and companies to use its publicly available programming tool to create new roles for it in the service industry like Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Security and Education.

Now let’s enjoy the light spots of the Sanbot robot at the conference.

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The vice minister of MIIT Jin Shubo came to Qihan-Sanbot booth and interacts with Sanbot robot

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 BTV interviewing Qihan-Sanbot technology executive

“Except for the education and entertainment functions, the robot is also very intelligent at home security surveillance aspect.” QIHAN staff executive told BTV, since the 13th minute of today’s video program, “The parents or host outside can surveillance the condition of their children or pets at home”.

“Statistics from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) show that the market demand for service robots will boom in the next three years, with the market scale reaching $46 billion, up more than 6 times that in 2015. And your product is very excellent” The workers told Zhuang Yongjun, chief technology officer of Qihan Technology Co Ltd, when China Daily was interviewing Qihan-Sanbot booth.

“Robot ability to detect human sound and language is improving quickly each year. We expect in 5~10 years when we go to the cinema we'll be serviced by robot, and in shopping malls we'll have robots and information centers”, Tong Hexin, director of the domestic market told CCTV.

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“There are so many of visitors coming to our booth, expecting a look or interaction with the humanoid robot, unexpectedly. Our workers are nearly squeezed out of the booth. We have thought of the crowds at some distance when registering, so we booked the booth covering 352 sqm, 5~6 times large of that at previous expos. But it seems not large enough”, one worker from Qihan told the media.

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Sanbot humanoid robot interviewing new employee

With advantages of hardware, software and the open interface, the humanoid service robots has been customized and widely used in airport services, customs inspections, square entertainment, healthcare, market-shopping, education, hospitality and other high-end industries in China. QIHAN Technology has made a strategic plan to go to the global world in 2017.

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