Sanbot Cloud-brained Robot Went on Dazzling in the Following Show

07 Sep,2016
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At IFA expo held during Sep 2nd to 7th in Berlin, Germany, on the following couple days of the launch event, Sanbot cloud-brained humanoid robot went on dazzling and attracted more visitors and media from all over the world at the booth Hall 7.1A, Booth 105.

“Sanbot is the least intimidating security guard I’ve ever seen”, by Aatif Sulleyman from Gizmodo, “The friendly looking robot is being shown off by a company called Qihan at IFA, and you may end up spotting one in the wild (at your local supermarket / airport / school) at some point in the near future.”

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“Humanoid robot Sanbot shows his dance moves”, by Engineering & Technology Magazine and posted the actual dancing video onto YouTube, “It can work as a shop keeper, waiter, teaching assistant, security guard or a smart home manager and personal assistant.” Sanbot commercial servi ce robot can be easily controlled by mobile phone APP Q-Link, voice or screen touch, which is equipped an API and other artificial technology.

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“I got to meet a little chap called the Qihan Sanbot. If you were to imagine a robot designed in the Jetsons style it’s almost exactly like that. It kind of does everything. It’s got an API and it can be configured to do literally anything.” James Trew from Engadget reported to publics.

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“Sanbot, o "rob? dos Jetsons", Igor Lopes from Canal Tech disse, “Além de super simpático e personalizável, ele é exatamente a Rosie, dos Jetsons, que todos nós sonhamos em ter um dia.”

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More comments on Sanbot Launch Event in these couple days:

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