The first Experience Store of Sanbot Platform Robot Opens Grandly

01 Sep,2016
Brand Event

As the first cloud-enabled humanoid robot in robotics industry, on August 28th, the high-profile official experienced store of Sanbot service robot opened grandly in Zhongzhou πmall in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.

Being the first off-line service robot experience store in China, it was getting popular quickly at the right opening day. Sanbot intelligent service robot attracted the eyes of crowd of visitors, by virtue of its high-end design and technological promoting concept

Moreover on the opening day, Sanbot welcomed one heavyweight to the experience store, Huang Min, the chief executive of the Baoan District Government. Huang was among the first patch of experiencers and he affirmed Sanbot robot and the concept of experience store's opening, while experiencing the robotic services with others.

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This opening of the off-line experience store is a significant milestone to both brand and users:

Establishing communication and accelerating the development

The opening of Sanbot experience store sets up the ways of direct communication between Sanbot robots and users. And the establishment of the more-effective communicative platform between brand and consumers in Sanbot experience store gets the robots closer to the public and consumers to convey their demand to promote the consistent development of Sanbot brand.

Experiencing visually and developing the recognition

The layout of experience store from online to offline changes the recognition status of the traditional concept that the robot is far and can't reach. Consumers feel it through visual and experience series of the robot’s service products in the experience store. They experience services of artificial intelligent robot offline directly at a close distance, developing users and public’s recognition to Sanbot brand and products, to strengthen the future development of Sanbot.

Practicing “Robotics+” strategy and improving benefits

The experience store's opening illustrates the traditional concept promotion to users. Different from the other offline stores majoring in retailing, Sanbot experience store combines the business scenarios where the store locates, transmitting experiential artificial intelligent room to consumers, creating the value evaluation and consuming intention to Sanbot between common consumers and series of industrial business fast, revealing upgrading value from Sanbot to traditional business environment step by step. Sanbot makes the “Robotics+” strategy the core marking of new business times.

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The opening of the first offline store in China signifies that intelligent robot will walk into consumers from online to offline step by step. Moreover, QIHAN Technology will open eyes to the whole country to distribute the offline stores into the main cities in China and create an entirely new offline experience environment. The popularity of Sanbot robot will speed up the enlarging of “Robotics+” value and create new business environment.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved