Sanbot Cloud-Brained Humanoid Robot Shining Global Visitors

04 Sep,2016
Brand Event

Qihan Sanbot cloud-enabled humanoid robot Launch Event, with theme of “Robotics as a Service”, is being held as scheduled at IFA Expo since Sep. 2nd in Berlin, Germany. IFA Expo is the right event the most advanced products and developments debut to the general public because of a large international advantageous spreading. Now let’s see what a dazzling shine Sanbot bring to global visitors in the middle of the Event.

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“Chinese firm Qihan launches Sanbot at this week's Berlin IFA exhibition, as it seeks to crack the increasingly competitive personal robot market”, Jim Drury from Reuters reports. Now visit the video how Sofia Luo, the Oversea Marketing Director from Qihan, introduces.

“Multipurpose robot maid launched at IFA”, reported by Tereza Pultarova from Engineering and Technology Magazine of ITE.

“Chinese firm Qihan launches robotics-as-a-service with Sanbot” by Mr. Simon Hill from Digital Trend.

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If you’d like to learn more about news or reports about Sanbot robot Launch Event, just Goolge “Sanbot robot”, or visit our official website for reference. We are still here waiting for your visit at booth Hall 7.1A, Booth 105, IFA Expo in Berlin Germany. Join us now.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved