How does Sanbot benefit your retail businesses?

17 Jan, 2018

It’s not an easy task to run retail stores or shopping markets successfully enough. As an owner, you want to provide people with an attractive scenario and great service, ensuring returning shopping. Here are some points how Sanbot intelligent humanoid robotbenefits your retail store business.

Ensuring you are never short staffed. You are definitely not happy if the potential buyers to leave because of long-time queuing-up and waiting caused by lack of staff in rush hours. Do you think it suitable for the success of your business if you employ one temporary staff in rush hours? Definite no as they just temporarily work here for some changes. But Sanbot service robot is always here and loyal to you and your retail businesses. If you don’t have enough hands, Sanbot will help keep your store running smoothly.

Bringing in more foot traffics: In addition to numerous tasks to keep a physical retail store a float, you also need to get goods into your establishment. Let Sanbot assist you with that. With unique and patented design, Sanbot’s adorable appearance is like having puppies sitting outside your store. Sanbot will draw positive attention to the store and attract more customers. Word of mouth will spread about the store with the cool, cute talking robot.

Giving shoppers unbelievable shopping experience: There are two reasons a customer will return-goods and service-Sanbot will help with the latter. Sanbot is very patient and entertaining. The interactive robot will give the shoppers an experience they will not forget. The interactive menu, speech functions, and more will impress the customers and word will spread around town about your store.

Sanbot will help keep the store running smoothly. The shopping rush in holidays is at epic proportions, and you and your staff are overrun. Let Sanbot take some stress off your backs. Sanbot can help broadcast and introduce your goods in store and receive the payment. The autonomous mobile robot can guide buyers to the define area if your store or market is large. There more, Sanbot is equipped with quick pay, allowing customers to pay their bills through the commercial robot, which saves time and offers impressive shopping experiences.

Sanbot will save you money: Whether you are a successful retailer or just starting, Sanbot, the most advanced robot, is here to save you money. The retail industry has high turnover rates and hiring, firing, and quitting add up. It takes away your time and money. For just a one-time payment, Sanbot will never leave. In two months, Sanbot will have paid for itself. Save some money and spend it on something nice.

Help with security: In an ideal world, there would be no need for security. Unfortunately, crime does happen. Sanbot intelligent security robot will help prevent any potential crimes. If something were to happen, Sanbot can help you and the authorities rectify the situation. Sanbot’s HD cameras can record your retail store in the whole day. This allows any would-be criminal to be caught quickly. The autonomous robot never sleeps and monitors your store 24 hours per day thanks to its auto-charging capacity.

Help organize records: Organization is the key to running a successful business. Let the Cloud-enabled service robot save you more time and money by helping you go paperless. Whether you chose to use your own cloud or QIHAN’s secure cloud, have your records organized and secure. Say goodbye to the days of messy filing cabinets.

Giving you the edge over the competition: One was always been told to distinguish myself and stand out from the rest (in a good way) when entering a school. In the business world, the same saying holds true. What makes your retail store better and more unique over your completion? Having an intelligent service robot that can take orders, have a security role, help keep your records organized, and delight the customers is a pretty good edge. Sanbot can also push store promotions and has a projector to entertain consumers when the big game is on. As stated earlier in this paper, Sanbot will help bring buzz to your store.

Sanbot can help you gain insight into the market: Sanbot is able to have survey questions programmed into it. Let the intelligent robotbe your personal surveyor and find out what the customer liked or disliked about your establishment. Having this information will help you to keep improving and succeed.

Sanbot will help educate new staff about the store: As an owner or manager, your time is valuable. You may not have the time to teach a new staff member on all the in’s and out’s of the store, as well as all the goods in sales. No worries! Sanbot will be able to assist you on that as well. Sanbot’s A/V capabilities and large memory gives it the tools to help train new staff members if you do not have the time.

Sanbot centrally organizes your chain stores: Sanbot’s new released MPS (Multi-service Platform System) solution is a centralized management system that enables businesses to control and monitor their fleet of interactive Sanbot robots from anywhere – bringing personalized communications and services to companies worldwide on a PC, tablet or smartphone over the QIHAN cloud. What you need to do is, you just operate to push tasks to the Sanbot robots in your chain store through the MPS webpage and receive the performing records without going out.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved